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(AUGUST 2010) – Envision Radio Networks®, Rhino Records and Full Metal Jackie are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell with a FREE one-hour special featuring brand new interviews with Pantera members – drummer Vinnie Paul, bassist Rex Brown, and singer Philip Anselmo.

The Full Metal Jackie Pantera Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Special offers an exclusive sneak peek into the album’s 20th anniversary reissues (available in three different configurations), two of which are scheduled for release on September 14th via Rhino Records with the third slated for release on November 23rd. Full Metal Jackie will preview the newly remastered album along with hard-to-find demo and live tracks that have been freshly collected as part of the Cowboys From Hell 20th anniversary box set.

Pantera classics like “Primal Concrete Sledge,” “Psycho Holiday,” “Cemetery Gates,” “Cowboys from Hell,” “Domination,” and “The Will to Survive,” a previously unreleased track from the album’s recording sessions, are all part of the Cowboys From Hell anniversary releases.
“With so many killer songs, it was hard to pick and choose the ones that should make our major label debut,” says Vinnie Paul. “After hearing it [“The Will to Survive”] for the first time in about 20 years, it’s a pretty stellar performance and I am definitely proud that it will see the light of day for all the die-hard Pantera fans around the world! It shows the true musical diversity of the band at that time!”

The Full Metal Jackie Pantera Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Special will be available for broadcast September 3rd through September 19th, just in time for Labor Day weekend. Contact Matt Wardlaw at mattw@envisionradio.com or 216-831-3761 for broadcast details.

Pantera found its growl and groove on Cowboys From Hell, a landmark album whose bone-powdering intensity, razor-sharp riffing and pummeling rhythmic assault represented a turning point in modern metal when it was released in 1990. More than just Pantera’s major label debut, many consider this album to be the official debut of the Pantera lineup with singer Philip Anselmo, guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul and bassist Rex Brown. Visit www.facebook.com/pantera

Full Metal Jackie Radio is two hours of fist pounding metal, hosted by renowned metal radio personality Full Metal Jackie (FMQB Metal Host of the Year, four time winner!), featuring regular interviews with many of metal’s biggest names, past and present. Visit www.fullmetaljackieradio.com and contact Matt Wardlaw at 216-831-3761 for further details.
Full Metal Jackie recently published her first book, Full Metal Jackie Certified: The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs Of The ’80s And The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics, which is online and available in stores now. Jackie was on the frontlines once again for this year’s Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony as a correspondent on the black (metal) carpet. Check out some video highlights from the black carpet with Jackie here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuLejNEmT44

Full Metal Jackie began her radio career as an on-air personality at WHTG (Neptune, NJ), and later at WDHA (Dover, NJ). After a short stint as on-air host at San Diego’s 94.9 KBZT, Jackie landed the opportunity she had been working toward since her early WSOU days: host and producer of her own (and L.A.’s only) commercial heavy metal radio show, CHAOS on Indie 103.1. Today, Full Metal Jackie’s show can be heard in syndicated markets throughout the United States.

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